22 May (Monday)    

PM: Arrive in Barcelona; orientation walk (or potential trip to German Pavilion)

(Mostly) Medieval walk

23 May (Tuesday)

AM/PM: Girona

24 May (Wednesday)    

Modernista walk

AM: Group at Casa Mila

On your own during mid-day:

PM: Sagrada Familia

suggested route walk back to the hotel: see the Nat Geo walking tour of the Eixample

25 May (Thursday)

AM: Medieval study (comparative study: Romanesque/Gothic, or sacred/secular)

lunchtime meet-up

PM: ID to Lee Jofa Design

PM: ARC to Parc de Montjuïc

26 May (Friday)

AM: most of the group at Palau de la Música Catalana

PM: on your own; recommended:


For art supplies try Piera (west of La Rambla and north of Mercado de la Boqueria at Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 21)

For updates on current exhibitions, see this site


27 May (Saturday)

AM: travel to Paris; orientation walk (Left Bank)

28 May (Sunday)

AM: On your own; worship options include:

PM: On your own/Worship space & place study; consider:

29 May (Monday)

AM: ARC walk (Right Bank)

AM: ID at Tandus Centiva Mill Showroom (9 AM)

PM: on your own at the Louvre (& note interactive map); Dr. Amundson's Online Guide to the Louvre

30 May (Tuesday)

AM/PM: With the group and on your own at Versailles

31 May (Wednesday)

AM/PM: With the group & on your own at Chartres

01 June (Thursday)

AM: ID: Palais Royale; Valois Gallery/Montpensier Gallery/Les Arts Decoratifs

AM: ARC: On your own, choose east or west routes

02 June (Friday)

On your own; consider la grande liste:

PM: reconvene

03 June (Saturday)

AM: On your own

PM: travel 


For art supplies try Sennelier (for more than just the supplies) (left bank, across the Seine from the Louvre, at 3 Quai Voltaire)

For updates on current exhibitions, see this site)