part twelve: making place

Lower Broadway, Nashville


being a good neighbor

We've seen the importance of context from several different perspectives; this week we look at the angle of how building designs can contribute to, or detract from, the making of place, and meaning-making within a place. Here in Nashville there is a strong value for neighborhood identity and also a sense of frustration at developments that detract from identity-making. This is a longstanding issue in architectural design, articulated in formal theory at least as early as Alberti.

From a Christian perspective,

learning objectives

At the conclusion of this part of the course, you should be able to:

  • xxxxx (REMEMBER--recall facts and basic concepts) define, duplicate, list, memorize, repeat, state
  • xxxxx (UNDERSTAND--explain ideas and concepts) classify, describe, discuss, explain, identify, locate, recognize, report, select
  • xxxxx (APPLY--use information in new situations) execute, implement, solve, use, demonstrate, interpret, operate, schedule, sketch
  • xxxxx (ANALYZE--draw connections among ideas) differentiate, organize, relate, compare, contrast, distinguish, examine, experiment, question, test
  • xxxxx (EVALUATE--justify a stand) appraise, argue, defend, judge, select, support, critique, weigh
  • xxxxxx (CREATE--produce new or original work) design, assemble, conjecture, develop, formulate, investigate

for Thursday (11 PM)

Good streets

While rural and suburban architecture is often judged on the degree to which buildings "fit" the natural landscape, urban streets are deemed "good" when they promote street life and contribute to a coherent image. Because of this, the world's great cities are known for well-defined streets as much as individual monuments. Consider:


  • Michigan Ave., Chiago
  • Ocean Drive, Miami
  • Wangfujing Street, Beijing
  • The Strip, Las Vegas
  • La Rambla, Barcelona
  • Champs-Élysées, Paris
  • Lower Broadway, Nashville

  • Michigan Ave. (Chicago)
  • The Champs-Élysées (Paris)
  • Ocean Drive (Miami)
  • Lower Broadway (Nashville)
  • La Rambla (Barcelona)
  • The Strip (Las Vegas)
  • Wangfujing (Beijing)

Watch this presentation on context of some places like Fallingwater, Nashville neighborhoods, Paris, Bath, Bilbao

And here's another on history: globalism and sameness; internet and "place;" return to vercaarul, local, gren susatinabilty adndeevelometn, LEED

WOmen: Yasemeen Lari, Zaha Hadid; women in the profession

Nashville's African-American neighborhoods

Now also think about hierarchy

  • read Alberti

for Monday (11 AM)

place study

Apply what you've learned about place to a place you can visit. Consider:

  • Belmont quads
  • The Capitol
  • Second Ave.
  • 12 South
  • Hillsboro Ave.


write sometihng

for Tuesday: on campus

red yellow blue


  • Goldberger
  • importance of place; hierarchy
  • cities as common bodies of meomry; realness of architecture; virtual world

Presentation & Reflection

  • prep for final submission and ePortoflio

for Tuesday: online

red yellow blue


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  • Goldberger
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Presentation & Reflection

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