Semester Perspective: Traditions Template

ARC 232 extends our study from ARC 231 in simple chronological terms, but more importantly for the study of architecture, it shows how architects who developed a particular kind of historical consciousness (after ca. 1400) addressed the traditions that came before them. Throughout the semester, we will see a great variety of stances toward precedent, from replication to reinvention to rejection. Your task with this assignment is to chronicle those attitudes as we proceed through the semester.

Each week you will be prompted, at the very end of the list of activities for each unit, to reflect on your total learning for the week and to record your observations on the template provided through the link below. To ensure that you stay current with it, we will collect these at unannounced times in class, so always have a copy of it with you in class. You are encouraged to develop a file or notebook across the semester that grows with each week through the addition of a new row to the template, the unit outlines that you shold print and fill out as you proceed through the week, and the notes you take on the material, both in- and outside of class.

Feel free to change the template if you feel the need to add additional elements, but do not remove anything–these basic requirements will be reviewed for a grade.

Get the template here.

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