Sabbatical Check-In

I have spent most of my sabbatical time at home working on the editing process to finalize a manuscript that’s been underway for many years.  I had the opportunity in January and February to engage in research in Washington DC that helped to finalize many details of this big project, but also lay the foundation for new work to come.  Fellowships from the US Capitol Historical Society and the Smithsonian Institution supported my work in the Archives of the Architect of the Capitol, the Library of Congress, National Archives, and the Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology.  The latter is a relatively small place tucked into the Museum of American History.  Its staff of two were incredibly helpful in serving up piles of resources from the nineteenth century.  My main focus there was the history of the architecture and engineering professions, but it’s hard not to get sidetracked by illustrations of brick machines.


Open House Chicago (2014)

We may have missed the very first year of OHC, but have been regulars ever since.  Open House Chicago is a great program organized by the Chicago Architecture Foundation that opens the doors of hundreds of buildings across the city for a big weekend of architectural indulgence.  It’s very cool to see different corners of famous buildings in the Loop, but even better, I think, is the kick in the pants to get into the neighborhoods.  This year, it was probably the churches of Ukrainian Village that made the biggest impression on me.

Above: St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, 1913

Plans for Washington

In January I will relocate to Washington, DC for a few months to narrow my focus on Walter-related research, starting a new project on the Capitol dome.  I’m very excited to have recently received news that my application to the Dibner Library Resident Scholar Program was approved!  I’m grateful for this support from the Smithsonian, which will add to the support awarded earlier by the US Capitol Historical Society for the same project.

update from Sabbatical-land

This is the first direct link to the blog I keep to track progress during my yearlong sabbatical: “Summer in One Shelfie.”


This website has been pretty much on the DL for the last several weeks since its birth at a digital humanities workshop at George Mason University.  Technically it’s been open for business on the internets while I’ve been playing around with it, learning Page Builder and amazing my friends and family with new vocab (like “widgitized”). Ideally it will be the one-stop catch-all for my professional activities, including teaching, research, and also as a link to the growing repository of photographs that I collect during my travels.  Although, of course, it remains pretty open to continued tinkering, it’s time to move on to other projects that are supposed to be the meat of my sabbatical, so for now I will say the site is ready for prime time (if not quite “done”).  I would be happy to hear your comments and suggestions!  Thanks for stopping by.