ARC 331

History of Architecture: from the Industrial Revolution through the Digital Age (last offered: spring, 2019)

Topics in the history of architecture spanning two periods of significant technological change (the Industrial Revolution and the Digital Age), investigating the variety of responses by architects to the potentials of industrialization and digitization, including aesthetics, construction, communication, and professionalization, in the midst of social, religious, economic and political change.


The asterisk (*) indicates lessons that are in draft form; the check () indicates lessons that are completed.

✓1: Old & New Worlds

✓2: Publication Revolution

✓3: National Identities

✓4: Social Reform

✓5: Style & Material

✓6: Arts & Crafts

✓7: Arts & Crafts in USA

✓8: Gilded Age

✓9: Art Nouveau

✓10. Skyscrapers

✓11: Great War

✓12: Modernisms

✓13: C20 Classicism

✓14: Mid-C Modernism

✓15: Later C20

✓16: Globalism & Trads



weekly workflow

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The workweek for the blended ARC331 begins on Fridays, with the following consistent markers:

Friday (1 PM)/Saturday 11:59 PM): very occasional assignment checks

Monday (1 PM): assignment checks

Wednesday (1 PM): assignment checks

Thursday (9:30-10:45): face-to-face class

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semester perspective

In addition to the smaller assignments associated with each weekly lesson, stay aware of your individual deadlines for the following:

Lesson outlines: details here

Semester project: details here