ARC 231: calendar for fall semester 2015

Part I

MON 24 AUG: Introduction

Watch: VT 01/The Seven Lamps

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WEDS 26 AUG : Prehistory

Read: 1T, 3C

FRI 28 AUG: Old World Cultures

MON 31 AUG: Nepal & India

Watch: VT 02/Buddhism

Read: 4A

WEDS 02 SEPT: Southern & Southeast Asia

FRI 03 SEPT: China & Japan

MON 07 SEPT: The Forbidden City

Watch: VT 03/Chinese Planning

Read: 4B

WEDS 09 SEPT: Houses in China

FRI 11 SEPT: Houses in Japan

MON 14 SEPT: Test One

Part II

MON 21 SEPT: NK Temples: Karnak & Deir el Bahari

Read: 1A & 2A

WEDS 23 SEPT: Persia & Babylon

Watch: VT 05/Mesopotamia

FRI 25 SEPT: The Aegean: Minoan & Mycenaean Cultures

MON 28 SEPT: Archaic & Primitive

Watch: VT 06/Greece

WEDS 30 SEPT: Classical: Pericles/the Acropolis

Read: 2B

Read: Vitruvius, Book IV, Chapter 1, parts 5-10

OCT 02: The Parthenon

MON 05 OCT: The Age of Alexander

WEDS 07 OCT: Sanctuaries, Cities & Buildings

FRI 09 OCT: Test Two

Part III

MON 12 OCT: Temples & houses

Watch: VT 07/Etruscans/Republic

Read: 5A

Read: Vitruvius Bks. I, III

WEDS 14 OCT: The Republic/Caesar & Augustus

FRI 16 OCT: Nero & Vespasian

Watch: V T08/Roman Empire

Read: 5B

MON 19 OCT: Fall Break

WEDS 21 OCT: Trajan & Apollodorus

FRI 23 OCT: Hadrian 

Founders Day?

MON 26 OCT: The Architectural Revolutions

WEDS 28 OCT: The Last Roman Emperors

FRI 30 OCT: Jewish/Christian Empire

Watch: VT 09/The Christian West

Read: 6A

MON 02 NOV: Early Christian Shrines

WEDS 04 NOV: Constantine’s New Capital

FRI 06 NOV: Test Three

Part IV

MON 09 NOV: Ravenna

Watch: VT 10/The Christian East

WEDS 11 NOV: Justinian’s Cathedral

Read: 6B

Read: Procopius

FRI 13 NOV: The Late Byzantine Empire

MON 16 NOV: The Prophet

Watch: VT 11/Islam

Read: 7A, 7B

Read: Islam texts

WEDS 18 NOV: Mosques around the Mediterranean

FRI 20 NOV: Al-Andalus

MON 23 NOV: European sites

Watch: VT 12/Early Medieval

Read: 8A, 8B

WEDS 25 NOV: Thanksgiving vacation

FRI 25 NOV: Thanksgiving vacation

MON 30 NOV: Gothic France

VT13: Later Medieval

Read: 9A, 9B

Read: Abbot Suger

WEDS 02 DEC: Gothic England

The Feast of St. Barbara

FRI 04 DEC: Gothic Italy

MON 07 DEC: Ancient History & the Recent Past

WEDS 09 DEC: Final Exams

FRI 09 DEC: Final Exams